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Your Pet and CBD

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As marijuana enters into the age of legalization, another topic being discussed is pets and what place they may have in the marijuana debate.  Ever since the power of CBD has been realized for its positive effect on people’s health, pet owners have been questioning whether or not their pets could experience the same benefits. However, there has not been much research in this area, and while some people claim that it does indeed help animals with specific ailments, the science just has not backed up those claims quite yet.

CBD, a chemical found in marijuana, is what gives marijuana most of its medicinal properties.  Proponents of CBD say it helps with the symptoms of epilepsy, anxiety, and glaucoma, as well as many other ailments. Now, there is also a conversation happening to decide whether or not our pets can be the next beneficiaries.  As of right now, no scientific data can back up whether or not animals respond positively to CBD treatment.  In fact, the FDA cautions people to not give it to their pets. 

Also, veterinarians have their own opinions on this.  Dr. Adam Boardman, a vet at the Massachusetts Animal Medical Center in Watertown, was quoted by the Globe, saying “clients ask about CBD for their dogs several times a week.” If a vet recommended a marijuana product and the animal suffered a bad reaction, the state licensing board could punish the vet. Boardman added, “I certainly don’t want to hurt the animal and secondarily, I don’t want to ruin my life’s work to get to this point.”

Because CBD has yet to be thoroughly tested as a viable form of medicine for our pets, we should be cautious in giving it to them, if at all.  An animal who accidentally ingests marijuana product with THC could be in for a horrendous time, not being able to understand what is happening.  While CBD provides no psychoactive effects, we are not yet positive on how CBD might affect the physiology or well-being of an animal. However, if more research is done and a positive correlation between CBD treatment and improved health in your pet is discovered, then perhaps it can be discussed as to whether it is a safe and effective type of medicine for animals.

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