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Federal Marijuana Enforcement To End In Legal States

(PC: York Regional Police)

While former Attorney General Jeff Sessions was still in a position of leadership, marijuana was federally illegal. He chose to order raids, arrests, and investigations on marijuana businesses that are operating in legal states. However, the President’s nominee for attorney general, William Barr, has confirmed that he will no longer continue to enforce federal marijuana laws in legal states. It will still be federally illegal, just not enforced. If he is approved for the position of attorney general by the Senate, the federal government will end its war on marijuana in legal states.

Ever since marijuana has been legalized in certain states, police have conducted raids on businesses, arrested thousands of people affiliated with marijuana businesses, and put a dent in the local state economies, due to seizure of products contained in the businesses. Ever since marijuana became legal on a state level, a debate has persisted that is focused on the federal legality of marijuana. Because it still is federally illegal, no business or person in any state has complete control of their relationship with marijuana. At any moment, a federal agency may raid any business, or make an arrest (related to marijuana), because they supersede state law. Now that William Barr has confirmed, in writing, that he plans to stop enforcing federal marijuana laws in legal states, the Senate must make a decision to determine if they want him serving as our attorney general or not.

The decision to end federal enforcement of marijuana laws opens up many other positive avenues for the country. If marijuana is more easily legalized in more states, it will slowly cut off the billions of dollars flowing into the hands of drug cartels who make money by exporting marijuana to the United States. Also, a huge number of arrests, in every state, would decrease, opening up police resources for more dangerous or more prevalent issues. Besides this, we could expect an economic boom, much like other recently legalized states and Canada have seen. If the federal prohibition on marijuana is coming to an end, we can expect a much friendlier environment in politics regarding marijuana, as well as no more uncertainty surrounding the hundreds of businesses and facilities already operating in marijuana.

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