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Canada Legalizes Marijuana

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Canada has just made history by becoming the first G7 nation in the world to nationally legalize marijuana. Not only has this stimulated their economy immensely, with marijuana almost completely selling out on the first day of legalization, but it has created thousands of jobs throughout the country in the marijuana industry. We are finally getting a chance to see how an important country such as Canada deals with nationwide legalization, and so far it has been working out extremely well.

Canada’s decision to legalize marijuana nationally not only affects their own country, but countries around the world. The decision to legalize marijuana on a national level in a G7 country is a huge step towards the end of cannabis prohibition world wide. Alison McMahon, founder and chief executive of the human resources firm Cannabis at Work, said “People see the end of cannabis prohibition and the industry that’s going to emerge out of it as a green rush and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

Ever since Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, was elected in 2015, marijuana has been in the forefront of Canadian politics. After Colorado had legalized marijuana recreationally, Trudeau and his party analyzed the effect that marijuana had on the community and economy in Colorado. After seeing the success it had, and how it positively affected Colorado, a bill was suggested that eventually, in 2018, was passed, which totally legalized the recreational and medicinal use of marijuana. Prohibition states in the United States and other countries that have federally prohibited marijuana should take a serious look at how marijuana has positively affected these communities.

Whether that is from lower crime rate, improved community services and infrastructure (from marijuana tax), or any other marijuana related factors, it has been proven that marijuana has made a positive impact on communities who have legalized it. That’s why Canada legalizing it on a national level for recreational use is such an important event. Never before has a major world economy legalized marijuana on this type of scale, and it will act as further proof of the prosperity that marijuana legalization can bring to a community. Just like Trudeau and his team analyzed the positive affects of marijuana legalization in Colorado, the world will be watching Canada with a close eye to observe how this works for them. If we see great success, it could mean marijuana legalization to more and more places around the world, including other G7 countries. Canada’s decision to nationally legalize recreational use of marijuana may possibly be the tipping point for a flood of legalization in many other places around the world.

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